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We have developed a training system for team roping that makes team roping much easier to understand and accomplish. Here is an opportunity for you to find out for yourself that there is a much less complicated way to learn how to rope. No dummies at our schools. Have your horse saddled and be ready to rope. Give our schools a try, and if you are not completely satisfied with the school, I will personally and gladly return your money to you.

David E. Jones,

ROPRO Training Systems

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Two Ropers David and the ROPRO Training Systems staff produce a team roping school with an approach to training that has achieved tremendous results across the country. By using life-sized training simulators in conjunction with live cattle, they are able to apply proven training techniques. The Practice, Scrimmage and Game process used in all other professional sports can now be incorporated into team roping training.

Michael Instructing from Four Wheeler PRACTICE: Imagine that you are 60 ft. outside the box, just ready to rope either heading or heeling. Now stop action and from a simulator learn exactly what you need to do to get the steer roped.

SCRIMMAGE: Using an animated, life like, mechanical sled, learn how to apply the techniques you already know and the things you have learned in practice, on and with your horse. Problems in horsemanship, positions, swing and delivery can be addressed effectively.

GAME: Live cattle allow you to try the maneuvers you have practiced and scrimmaged. Problems can be isolated and corrected through scrimmage and practice techniques. Learn how to handle cattle effectively.

Woman Roping This system works extremely well for all ropers from beginners to advanced ropers. ROPRO Training Systems is protected by patent, copyright and trademark and available only through ROPRO Training Systems.

The students of the school will get a tremendous amount of horsemanship and roping training. It is not necessary, but, if you have more than one horse to rope on, we encourage you to bring them. Students that attended other ROPRO schools comment that they have been able to rope exhaustively, and every person has been able to rope to the maximum of their endurance. If enrollment is expanded beyond 20 students, additional equipment, cattle and training staff will be added so that the intensity of your training will not be altered.

Michael Standing The ROPRO Training System is about an alternative training method with increased efficiency. It is designed so that you can use, not only new information, but whatever training information you already have accomplished and progress rapidly. You will learn that information can be used effectively and that some of the things that are keeping you from learning to rope can be discarded.

David Instructing at the Slick-Stick E-Mail us or give us a call to schedule your own Private School and Training Session. We specialize in individual and small group sessions at our ranch in Hico. We donít get out of state much any more since Michael is rodeoing and since our training sessions here at the ranch fill up our schedule. We have hourly ($125/hr), daily ($750/dy) and weekly ($3,000/wk) rates. Stalls or outside pens are available for your horses and are included with the training (when you clean your own stall). If we clean up after you, it costs a little more. Bring your RV and hook up at the ranch or several motels are available within a few (4) miles. Generally you need to schedule at least a month ahead. The sessions are information packed, tough fun and generally once someone has come here, they come back for more. Come see us.

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Stay busy and practice a lot at our schools.

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