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About the Sled!

Since we developed the Slick-Stick Sled, our need for large quantities of cattle to train horses has vanished!

Every horse we train is completely trained to rope before even seeing a live steer. All positioning, rating, scoring, facing and roping are taught on the sled.

We have eliminated "box sweats" or "nervous jitters" before they happen.

When we take our horses to cattle for the first time, the transition is remarkable.

Horses learn from repetitions of patterns. What better way to train them than a sled that looks and operates like a steer.

  • ECONOMICAL - Reduces the need for cattle, arena, run backs, chutes, boxes and labor.
  • DESIGN - Looks and can be used like a steer; body moves like a steer running; design allows the sled to move through a corner or down the arena like a steer.
  • DURABLE - Sturdy fiberglass body with a thick steel frame on heavy steel runners. Built to take abuse.
  • STABLE - Designed with a heavy, low center of gravity to help keep the sled upright, even through difficult runs.
  • SAFE - Used correctly, a safe, controlled practice and training schedule can be developed.
  • POSITION - Allows you to put your horse and you in position through an entire run.
  • FUN - Allows you to train yourself and your horse while enjoying your roping.

The Sled

from Slick-Stick

Owners agree that this sled is better than live cattle for training your horse and for arena practice!

"Works so well you'll think it's alive"

Sled Unit


BASE PRICE $2,395.00

  • Animated body and Legs Movement
  • 12 Volt Heavy Duty Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Articulating Draw Bar
Sled Heeling

Sled - Closeup

Sled - Closeup

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