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Click through our site to find out about the most complete, fully researched, bio-mechanical, western riding and training technology available in the world today. Find out about a system that's about "how good you could be" with competent, understandable, provable reasons and answers why, even the best, can improve their riding, roping and horsemanship capabilities. Check back often since this site will be updated frequently.


Crooked Stirrups "Intentionally Crooked Stirrups"  Find out about the amazing stability our new stirrups can add to your roping and general riding. You will wonder why stirrups werenít always made this way. (Pictures and Text)

Crooked Stirrups Team Roping training will change forever. Click for more information.

New!Slick-Stick®, Team Roping Simulator Slick-Stickô, SS2-Team Roping Simulator: The original, Patented (U.S. Patent No. 5,080,373) simulator that has changed the way Team Roping is taught and learned. And now the best and most used features are available in this 2nd generation practice simulator. (Pictures and Text)
ROPRO Upfront Saddles ROPRO Upfront Saddles: Learn about better saddle fit for you and your horse and how to overcome your balance problems in a Patented (U.S. Patent No. 5,953,889), vertical balance, custom, handmade western saddle. 
Articles Articles: Read articles written and published by David E. Jones, inventor of ROPRO equipment and developer of ROPRO Training Systems. Linda Jones, partner in ROPRO Training Systems, authors articles and shares insights about roping from a wife's perspective. Find out why you may not be reaching your full western riding and roping potential because of misunderstood and unproven training basics.
R.T.S. Professional Team Roping Schools R.T.S. Professional Team Roping Schools: Find out why everyone's talking about the most complete and understandable Team Roping schools and private clinics ever produced. (Pictures and Text)
R.T.S. Professional Team Roping Schools Ranch Works "Recreations"  Turn of the Century Antiques, Collectibles and just "Good Old Furniture" with a Western Flair.  Magnificent natural cow hide and smooth leather covered, original pieces.  No reproductions. Original, one of a kind, handmade items.  Want something extra special?  Order a custom designed, one of a kind, hand crafted and "recreated" original. 
ROPRO Company ROPRO Company: Read articles and view pictures about the History of ROPRO, meet David, Linda and Michael Jones and other key ROPRO personnel.
Team Roping Practice and Training Equipment Team Roping Practice and Training Equipment: From the Slick-Stick technology, find out about the original, most durable, practical, fun and safest way to involve you and your horse in Team Roping training (both heading and heeling). (Pictures and Text)
Endorsements Endorsements: Articles, pictures and letters from customers will give you an idea of how well our training systems could work for you.
Notes from the - Training Room Notes from the "Training Room": Hosted by Scott R. Jones, NSCA, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer/Cooper Clinic Bio-Mechanical Specialist. Read a variety of articles authored by Mr. Scott Jones and other specialists concerning training the human body for athletic competition.
Join the ROPRO family For Sale: View the "Quality Roping Horses"  we have for sale. Check out the "Horse Trailers" for sale, if you are looking for a great trailer.  The "Equipment" and "Saddles and Tack"  sections will have listings when items are available.  (Pictures, Text and Video Clips).
Join the ROPRO family CONTACT ROPRO: Sign up on our mailing list or e-mail us directly from this site.

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